Heat Transfer

Compact Heat Exchangers

Helical & Spiral Heat Exchangers

Sentry manufactures Compact Heat Exchangers with a single (19-50 ft) long helical tube coil; ¼” 3/8” and ½”. 316 SS and Inconel 625 coiled units are stocked locally. Higher alloys ship within 2-3 weeks.

For higher flows (0.5-200 gpm), Sentry manufactures a custom engineered Multi-tube Spiral Coil Heat Exchanger, which ship within 4-6 weeks. Both designs are well suited for high-pressure services.

Custom Spiral Multi Tube Bulletin (pdf)

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Polaris PHE with compact densely-packed surface area and overall superior thermal efficiency means that Polaris PHEs use up to 80% less floor space than shell-and-tube models. The weight difference is even bigger: shell-and-tube exchangers often weigh 10 times more than Polaris units. Temperature approaches as close as 1° to 2°F.

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Flyer (pdf)

Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery

Sentry XC system efficiently recovers 90% of the available heat from the blowdown and, in a coordinated manner, transfers it to the make-up water; reducing fuel cost thus reducing CO2 consumption and promoting green efficiency gains.

The XC control valve provides a rugged mechanical thermostat for proportioning the blowdown flow to make-up water. This eliminates the high level of Total Dissolved Solids in the boiler that occurs from manual adjustments thus reducing boiler scaling & associated problems. 

Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery Bulletin (pdf)

Water Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers 1-200 tons. Quick delivery. Designs include dependable Copeland welded hermetic scroll compressors, strong stainless steel centrifugal pumps with safety fuses and thermal protection powder coated steel frame and welded stainless steel reservoir.

Water Chillers Bulletin (pdf)